Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Prayer request for trip

Dear Kenya Prayer Team,

Thank you for all of you that participated in our Christmas tree fundraiser for Interlocking Ministries.  It was a great success, and we're already looking forward to doing it again next year.

I know this is a busy time of year with Christmas just a few weeks away, but would you take a few moments to pray for me as I travel to Kenya tomorrow morning, Wednesday the 28th?  I am so excited to be able to participate in 3 camps to share the gospel and disciple over 300 children.  This is a tremendous opportunity to influence this next generation for Christ and we must take advantage of it.  God is working in the nation of Kenya, with thousands coming to Christ and growing in their faith every year.  Thank you for your participation with prayers and financial support to reach this influential country in East Africa.  I'm sure Page will want to send you a few updates while I'm gone.  Thank you for standing with us in this way.  Trips like this don't "just happen".  This is a team effort.  Lord willing, I'll be home before Christmas, December 20th.   May God bless you this time of year.

In His Service,

Bobby Johnson
Interlocking Ministries

*Do you have prayer concerns in your life that you would like to communicate to us?  Our Kenyan brothers and sisters would count it a privilege as well to lift you up in prayer before our Great God.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas trees!

The ministry is selling perfectly fresh Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands this year.  If you are going to buy, you might as well support a ministry, yes?  We are taking orders November 1-15.

We will get them from the NC mountains ourselves at Thanksgiving and can deliver locally or you pick up on Saturday or the following Monday (your choice). They are USDA grade A. We have been to the farm and the best way to describe them is the "perfect" tree. There are variety of sizes. The prices are amazing and determined by the size that you choose. The trees start at $35 and wreaths at $15. We are in the north Raleigh area.  Delivery is Saturday after Thanksgiving as well as that next Monday. We are not having a typical "lot" because we want to get the trees to you FRESH! Download the order form here:.https://www.dropbox.com/s/gupii9r1n0w39is/Christmas%20trees%20%28delivery%29.pdf

Your purchase will help Interlocking Ministries!

Thanks for your interest about getting FRESH Christmas trees and greenery in the Raleigh area! I have seen the tree farm... you won't be sorry. :)

We would also love some help selling.  If you would like to be an "elf" for us, you can ask your neighborhood for orders, your kid's school and friends.  (Just print more of the forms to carry around with you.) We hope to find a neighborhood or two that will buy lots of wreaths for their entrance, etc.  But hurry, we only have two weeks!

Yes, I am pretty excited!  

~Page Johnson

PS.  You will see on the form that there is a "Spike Tree Stand".  This stand has a spike in the middle, and our pre-drilled trees will stand upright in it securely!  It holds a gallon of water too!