Thursday, July 4, 2013

Middle of the June/July trip

From Bobby by email:
"These are the teachers from Kakrigu. (See first group photo.) After I taught a Bible story I debated about teaching True Love Waits because most of the students were quite young with just a few older ones. But I felt led to teach it anyway. At the end I asked for commitments and some students stood, but also the two teachers to my left stood. These two ladies were not married. After the pledge they stood and gave testimony about how powerful the TLW club is in front of the school. They copied down my TLW notes as fast as they could until I left there. We will see that they get their own copy later. We praise God for their excitment for the program. It was worth the walk to that school just for that."

"Second picture is of a boy also at Kakrigu. This boy with the torn pink shirt stood and gave testimony about how good God is. He was the worst dressed in the school, but the best attitude inside. Wow!!! I wonder if people in America could give a testimony like that if they had as little as him.

If that doesn't bless you enough, you need to see this last photo. "Andrew  is praying with a lady that wanted to commit to TLW after hearing his purity testimony. She accepted Christ about 15 minutes before this photo. She served lunch to us today."

Please continue to lift up this team in prayers: Bobby, Scott and Andrew: may the Lord continue to pour out his strength, his wisdom, discernment and truth.
Pray for the visit to Wami Primary school and Wami beach open air service.  Pray for hearts to be soft toward God and His plan for them.
Pray for the boat trip to Takawiri beach and the open air service.
Pray for the chicks that may be delivered during this weekend sometime for the widow poultry project.

Thank you for joining me in prayer,