Thursday, April 11, 2013

Love the children of Lake Victoria, Kenya

Jesus Loves the Little Children

March Trip Was Answer to Prayer

Successful March Mission:
God answered our prayers in a great way!  I hope that I never cease to be amazed at the way God answers prayers.  There is a momentum of fruitful evangelism in Kenya.  The believers there have been praying about this for many years.  This is the second trip for Interlocking Ministries in less than a year to yield over one thousand salvations.

Discipleship: Pray for Kenyan pastors and teachers as they have a huge task of following up with these new believers.  This follow up is crucial.  A pastor / teacher conference was held on Saturday with over 80 in attendance. This was the largest we have ever held on the island. With some coming from other islands and the mainland of Kenya.  My US team was a great help in teaching these leaders who will, in turn, take this Biblical training to disciple their churches and schools.

Camp: The news of the December camp is spreading like wildfire.  In the last two years. the number has grown by four times.  So we are looking at over 800 in attendance this December.  If you would like to help finance the camp program, you may like to know that it will cost Interlocking Ministries $25 per child in attendance.  (Realize that the average wage in Kenya is a dollar a day.)

Widows: We have a burden to help some of the widows on the island that are most vulnerable. We will tell you more in the next newsletter about their situation and why it is so important.

I just finished reading all the emails that many of you sent back to Page during this trip.  It blessed my heart to see how many of you are standing behind this ministry in prayer.  Thank you!  I had no idea God would grow Interlocking Ministries to this point in just 15 months.  God is amazing.  May God bless you for your involvement in this ministry.
~Bobby Johnson